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I love being stupid. My wife was away for the weekend taking a spinning and plying class. Because she was away she missed a friend's baby shower. She asked me to take the gift to church this morning so that it could be given at the shower.

I fogot. Now, having waited for her return all weekend she's pissd that I forgot.

Fun times.
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I'm getting an error message and the most recent update on my friends list is two days ago. Is there a problem with Livejournal?
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Our oldest cat "Mr. Bartok" is not doing well. He's 16 and pretty heavy. He stopped eating and hasn't being using the litter box. We've gone to the vet and the only recommendation he can make is we might try tube feeding. That involves forcing a tube down the cat's throat and force feeding him. It's very traumatic and Mr. Bartok has always had a sensitive stomach.

I hate this. We're going to euthanize him today.

I get to go dig a grave.
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It's 2:47 AM and I'm laying on the floor of my son's room waiting for him to go back to sleep. He tends to wake up in the middle of the night and come trundling into our bedroom and crawls into bed with us. Ah, the joys of Four. But I digress.

Why, nearly two centuries after the invention of the electric dynamo are we still relying upon heat sources and steam power to generate electricity? You'd think after two centuries we would have come up with a more efficient and direct way to generate electrical energy.

It's kind of sad that we can split the atom and release vast amounts of energy via nuclear fission and we use that energy to boil water. Even if we come up with viable nuclear fusion it will be used primarily as a heat source to boil water.

Why haven't we come up with a more direct way to transfer energy from nuclear power to electrical power? What's the hold up? Does anyone know?
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Cold's suck. You lay down and you can't breath. You sit up and all sorts of disgusting gooey crap decides to flow out of you nose. You aren't sick enough to stay home from work. You are just sick enough to be really uncomfortable while working.

I hope this passes soon.
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How is it possible for someone to gain access to every password on a message board?
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Okay, I'm a big fan of the PBS science program NOVA. After nearly every program you get a tag "Funded by David H. Koch". I had no idea there was any controversy about his funding the program:


I just rewatched that entire three episode series on "Becoming Human". It is really controversial to say that rapid climate fluxuations in Africa several million years ago that placed severe stress upon hominid populations contributed to the rise of Homo Sapians and other Hominid species? Pointing out how evolution works (this is coming from someone people attack for being too far on the political right) really something that Koch should be attacked for supporting? Hell, he could be part of the Christian Right supporting young Earth Creationism but is funding really good science programming instead.

The program isn't saying that Climate Change is all hunky dory and should be ignored. It's saying that past climate change placed severe stress on early hominid and that stress promoted those hominids that were better at adapting to climate change. The third episode goes on to point out that hominids experienced a "bottleneck effect" meaning most modern Humans are decended from a few thousand humans who lived 120,000 years ago.

How is this saying "Climate Change" is wonderful? We nearly went extinct because of it the last time we dealt with severe and rapidly fluxuating climate change. The program goes out of its way to point out we nearly went extinct. That's hardly saying "Climate Change is wonderful".

So, does anyone else have a huge problem with David H. Koch providing funding for NOVA?
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I bought a moderately nice waffle iron on saturday. I made "buttermilk waffles" from the recipe in "the Joy of Cooking". They weren't bad. Today we had an impromptu Labor Day party when a friend of Laura's came over to knit with her and brought her husband and four children along. I was in the process of making breakfast for my family and wound up making breakfast for everyone. it was kind of fun. It reminded me of mornings when I was growing up. I'm the oldest of four kids.

So, I spent my morning laboring in the kitchen over waffles for all, a full rasher of bacon, and scrambled eggs. The waffles were much improved over the attempt on Saturday. The recipe calls for egg yolks and egg whites to be seperated and whipped. On Saturday I broke one of the yolks and was unable to properly seperate them from the whites as a result. I think that combined with a failure on my part to properly whip the egg whites resulted in overly heavy waffles. The batch today was much improved.

Waffles are yummy.

In any event I joked that I needed to start a husband's union in honor of the day and to prevent further explotation of my natural desire to cook for everyone.

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Well, I've turned under my garden. It produced a grant total of 11 Tomatoes, 3 Cucumbers, and 9 very small potatoes. The potatoes were volunteers anyway so the treatment on the roots may have affected their ability to produce large amounts of tubers.

While I didn't grow much I learned a lot. The plants need a lot more water than I gave them. I think I need to grow a nitrogen fixing crop next year to improve the over all soil fertility. I'd been burying my household garbage in the ground where I was planning to plant but that was obviously not enough to really get the soil where it needs to be. Next year I'm planting "butter beans". As a Legume it should act as a nitrogen fixer and improve the soil for 2013 then we can really see what I can grow.

Therefore, while this years effort was not a success I'll call it a highly worthwhile learning experience.
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So, I'm a lawyer with a Statewide practice. My hometown, Columbia SC, is in the geographic center of the State. Most days the Statewide practice isn't that big a deal. However, today, I have to be in Georgetown by 9:30 AM. That means I have to be on the road by 6:30 AM. That just sucks, whine, whine, whine. I really wish they'd start their hearings just a bit later in the day.

Now, Tuesday next week is a nightmare. There are 46 Counties in SC each with its own "Court of Common Pleas (Civil Court)". Each court needs to sound it's non-jury docket periodically. Court Administration tells these Counties when they should be sounding their Non-Jury Dockets. Can someone please explain why Court Administration feels the need to tell 11 of the 46 Counties to sound their dockets at exactly the same day and time? I'm far from the only attorney with a Statewide practice. Therefore I can't be the only person showing up on 11 rosters at the same time? When this happens I have no choice but to request continuances from the Courts. Most of which are granted given the scheduling difficulties. Can no one in the illustrious department of Court Administration look at a calendar and figure out that if they spread these roster calls over the course of two months they are much more likely to move cases?

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